About Us

Q. Where does the name SimCura come from?

A. The name SimCura is a conjunction of two words Sim ("Simple") Cura (A latin word for "Management").

Simple Mangement - That's what it's all about.....


The story behind

SimCura Business Systems



Established in 2011 by our two directors; Alex Viviers (Chief Executive Officer) and Grant Boshard ( Previous Managing Director of Projects), SimCura Business Systems has quickly established itself as one of the preferred SAP Business One Partners in South Africa.

At SimCura we understand software, we understand business processes and we understand how to leverage the one to enable the other. We employ experienced, mature, Business Consultants and Technologists that help our clients improve their business systems with the most up to date processes and software.

Our consultants have implemented multiple systems, across various business sectors which have left them with an in-depth understanding of the software’s capabilities. This experience helps us to unravel our client’s requirements, but more importantly, it enables us to implement coherent, usable and future proof solutions.

Guiding Principles
Specialized Consulting Skills: